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SBN 2:
Integrated cataloguing system

2003: One new system for books and special materials:

Modern books
Antiquarian books
Music materials
Printed music
Music manuscripts
Sound recordings
Electronic materials

Established a new national bibliographic format, SBN-MARC, based on Unimarc

Organisation on the territory

Libraries are connected to a local server
The "Poles"
Poles contain all descriptive and access data, plus copy-specific elements
   circulation rights, etc.
Poles are connected to a central server
The "Index"
Index connects Poles
   improving shared cataloguing
   enabling central management of data (Interfaccia Diretta)
   creating the central OPAC
   exchanging and sending data to European projects, to Internet Culturale, etc.
   enabling better visibility and access, e.g. through KVK