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Cataloguing rules for manuscripts


ISAD(G), 1993-94
ISAD(G)2, 2000
Multilevel description as the first principle:
"Link each description to its next higher unit of description, if applicable, and identify the level of description"
Units of description: Fonds, Sub-fonds, Series, Sub-series, File, Item
Concept of creator of the unit of description:
responsible for the creation, accumulation and maintenance of the records


General rules
R.W.G.Vail, Library trends, 1957: "the librarian must arrange and catalog them [his manuscripts] so that they will be useful to the scholar. No two librarians will agree as to how this should be done"
AACR2 (2002): chapter 4 "the rules … cover the description of manuscript materials … and collections of such manuscripts"
Rules adapted from printed materials
ISBDs deal only with published resources
Rules for music manuscripts
Code international de catalogage de la musique / Association internationale des bibliothèques musicales (1957-1983).
  Vol. 4, Rules for cataloging music manuscripts / compiled by Marie Louise Göllner

RISM guidelines on music manuscripts (typescript, c.1975)
In Italy:
  Guida alla catalogazione dei manoscritti musicali / ICCU ; a cura di Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi
  ISBD for music manuscripts (dissertation, 2010)
  Regole di catalogazione dei manoscritti musicali (in preparation)