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SBN: The national music catalogue

SBN (Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale) is the central online catalogue of libraries. It includes modern and ancient books and the SBN Musica database, the central database catalogue of music in Italy. SBN Musica contains about 80.000 records of music manuscripts, 200.000 of printed music, 200.000 of sound recordings and 60.000 of librettos preserved in Italian public, church or private libraries.

The music database is searchable in separate fields by name, by title (uniform title or title on the document, variant title, etc.), by musical form, instrument or voice, opus or catalogue number, date of composition or publication, plate number and other subjects.

There are some useful help tools that you can see and use to search in the SBN-musica database (both in the www search form and in the Telnet and TN3270 versions) and not only: a search manual, lists of the standard musical forms and of the abbreviations for musical instruments and voices, the list of the relator codes, library sigla, etc.

SBN OPAC may be accessed through various ways:
Music search
Old search interface for music
Simple search
Search through the Library of Congress Z39.50 gateway
Other searches in SBN through this website:
Search by incipit
Search by ID
Clean ID from SBN OPAC
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